Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Knitted Projects

Hello all, thought I'd post a pic of my finished New Zealand wool cushion, now laying resplendent on the spare bed in the garden room.
I was very pleased with the way the honeycomb pattern turned out, very tactile, everyone at my knitting group loved it. It would be a nice stitch to use for scarves and bags methinks.

So what's the next project? Well I had a mind to do some crochet, but then spotted a very cute pattern in my Rowan subscription magazine.
To be honest I have never made a knitted toy in my life, but I do know someone who is mad about owls, and it is her birthday soon. Not that I'm saying I'm making it for her of course :)
Orwell The Owl Doorstop. I have some lovely yarn in my stash just right for this little boy, and heaps of vintage buttons to choose from for his eyes. I'm not sure his beak looks right though, maybe it's the angle of the photo, I might have to effect some rhinoplasty.

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