Saturday, 26 May 2012

Eurovision Fever

Well not exactly a fever, but for the first time in donkey's years I will be watching tonight.
I'm really looking forward to it, and for once it's a 'real' singer representing Britain.

Go the Hump :) 

When I was but a mere tot we used to send the very best pop singers of the day and we were thrilled when we won. Which we seemed to on a fairly regular basis, or maybe my memory is playing tricks?

I picked up some scrummy suitably continental food from the food marquee at the Heathfield Country show this morning.

And from these culinary delights will be preparing a Euro meal of mezes and tapas served with a perfectly chilled bottle of Morrison's finest half price Processco.

Country shows are the best, here are a few pics from today

Lots and lots of lovely creatures there today as well but difficult to get good pics because they were surrounded by adoring country show goers.

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