Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Beryl, Betty and Iris

I love this image, thank you jellyjamdorset blog. It shows just how beautiful a collection of utility china can be, the ice cream pastels look sensational don't they? No pattern or overly fancy stylish shapes, just a quiet harmony of colour. It's not often I like understated but utility china is definitely doing it for me right now.

Funnily enough I used to really hate Woods Ware, I think because we had to use it at my secondary school in 'Housecraft' lessons to serve up the truly terrible food we used to make. Once we were old enough we could practice holding dinner parties in a small purpose built flat in the school. Now I'm wondering what else the teachers might have got up to in that flat, didn't occur to me at the time of course:)

This is my first major purchase of Wood's Ware, meet Beryl 
and Iris
As seen on t.v don't you know?
Mrs. Nellie Last shared a utility cuppa at the Red Cross shop.
And of course top level English spies wouldn't drink out of anything else.
I think it's as every bit as elegant as this French crockery from Dibor, but soooooo much cheaper, you can still afford to put some decent food on the plates.

Woods Ware is also super sturdy and has been kicking about the planet for over 70 years, so you know it's gonna last you. 

I have to finish this post with news of another Beryl that has been kicking about for the longest time, 90 years in fact. Together with her friend Betty (86) they have just won a Sony radio award for the best entertainment programme, broadcasting on radio Humberside.

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