Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I am a Lady ergo I read The Lady

I used to 'take' The Lady (no pun intended) on a regular basis when it was cheap, £1.00 only. But it was, well, a wee bit fusty. Fabulously old fashioned, but not enough of real interest to keep me buying it. 
But hey look at her now! Really interesting articles, just a little bit different from the mainstream magazines.
Darling little dogs in knitted outfits.
The Good Duchess, The Bad Duchess.

And the thing that sets The Lady apart from any other magazine I know, The Classifieds.

You can find yourself an exclusive holiday, or a new exciting situation maybe abroad, (it's where The Royals advertise for staff), or if you are a lady in reduced circumstances some financial help.

If you're really looking for something specific, The Lady can help with that too..........
Some dear soul is looking for a small fruit knife in a sheath for a Lady's handbag. Could this be a code and the lady in question a spy? as Nancy Mitford would have said "too thrilling".

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