Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Frugality, Ugly or Beautiful?

I think just about everyone is watching the pennies, but it strikes me that means different things to different people. Blog world is awash with tons of chat about how best to make our money stretch. As far as I'm concerned it's all good, and even if you're reading stuff you already know, that's fine. Some bloggers seem to lead (to me) an unbearably frugal lifestyle. Looking for the cheapest of everything including food. I do understand that it is a lifestyle choice for them, and even when brought about by necessity, they seem to get a buzz from living in that way, because they have chosen to do it, rather than it being enforced.
I respect what they do and I'm not going to be critical about any efforts to lead a less consumable lifestyle.
But, yes you knew that was coming, I wouldn't eat and don't eat the flesh of an animal that has been ill treated  or force fed. I'm well aware that good quality meat can be  EXTREMELY expensive. But there are also many cuts of meat and special deals on meat that can make it an affordable option. Eat less meat and I include chicken in that, pad your meals out with veg or pasta or rice, and don't expect to have it with every meal. I was amazed to see a very well intentioned lady on a penny pinching tv programme last week feeding her two boys microwavable burgers.
Both boys said that the 'burgers' were disgusting  but because they were cheap she had bought tons of them. Please don't buy and please don't eat this kind of s**t, it's not good on any level. Not good for the animals, not good for the producers of the meat, and truly not good for anyone who eats it.
Be creative, take all the advice out there and make your money go further, try to spend less or what you can comfortably afford, but also live well.
My vote goes to frugality is beautiful.


  1. Totally agree with you, there is frugality and frugality and I wouldnt buy any meat just for its cheapness I would rather just eat vegetables and such like.