Monday, 12 December 2011

Birthday Treats

My birthday is just two weeks before Christmas. Not always a good thing. People are busy, restaurants are full of people having Christmas parties, so limited menu, stressed staff. So a little bit of creative thinking has to be employed to make it a celebratory event rather than just a prelude to Christmas.
 Mr. S & P came up trumps this year.
Tea and presents in bed. Followed by Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Up to the big smoke in a train full of the Santa Claus family.
Hundreds of Father and Mother Christmas' in Trafalgar Square making merry and making sure we all know Christmas is coming.
A quick snifter in a rather gorgeous Dutch pub.
Then oh joy, The Theatre darling. This production of The Ladykillers is tremendous. If you see nothing else go and see this.
Spot of supper in China Town, then home. What a perfect day. And I've still got Christmas to look forward to. I have been doing a spot of home made this year, which I will share with you very soon.

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