Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Treats

I'm not sure dear reader if you know but I do strive to buy and sell a little bit of vintage objet trouve. I once had high hopes for my on-line vintage knitting service, but alas for various reasons it just didn't work out. The plus side of that is of course I now get to search the highways and byways for all manner of vintage treasure. (As I used to do many years ago when my son was very small.)
                                                            bring out your vintage treasure
It is my hope to buy and sell beautiful vintage and retro inspired items at reasonable prices. I really do want to feel that when someone buys something from me they are very pleased with their find. And of course that they realise they are re purposing a once much loved and useful item.
Like most thrifters I find myself drawn to places where I can hunt out the vintage bargains, boot fairs, charity shops jumbles etc. You do understand I have to check out every possible source? I'm hoping next year to attend some 'proper' auctions to raise my game slightly.
Anyhoo the run up to Christmas has been a busy one and I will need to get a wiggle on in the new year to find some stock. Stock that is, not stock I buy then decide to keep.
 Today I found some gorgeous little side plates, late 60's or early 70's, German made, but I need to keep those.
oh, and this wonderful oven to table bowl by Midwinter, it's called Stonehenge (which amuses me.)
Have to keep that.
And this little beauty, a mirrored triple tealight holder, but this has reindeers on it, so it's a keeper too. You can see there's a problem developing can't you ?

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  1. Aha, I know that problem very well!

    Love the Stonehenge bowl.