Friday, 23 December 2011


We had the best weather in East Sussex yesterday, not a cloud in the sky and absolutely no wind. The beautiful day coincided with a visit from our boy Jack, who popped down from up t'north to spend an evening with us before Christmas.
We thought it would be a cracking idea to get out and enjoy the day, after all almost all of the Christmas prep is done, we only need to go out today for the BIG food shop.
We are NT members so we took a short drive to Sheffield Park which was looking tres splendid and very wintery, added bonus, not many people there. We made a discovery.......................
This amazing 'secret' walled garden, within the Sheffield Park grounds. Owned and run by the kitchen garden brewery
The lovely chap there and his playful puppy Freddie were very friendly, the guy knows everything there is to know about the wine he stocks, they have their own vineyard on site, and his daughter is the micro brewer there.
Lots of plants and really unusual garden ornaments, a total pleasure.
Can you see Mr. S&P taking this pic, he looks like Monsieur Hulot, no?
We were dazzled by the choice of wines, but chose a couple, and also bought some Somerset apple brandy, Mr. S&P had to have one of each of the real ales brewed on site. Just the sort of shopping experience I enjoy, supporting local makers and meeting the people who have a passion for what they do.

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  1. What a lovely trip out. It was sunny here in London yesterday but terribly miserable and grey here today. xx