Monday, 7 April 2014

Ice Ice Baby - Cake Cake Baby

We've been off on our travels again. This time as part of the mister's birthday celebrations. To the land of the midnight sun, or more specifically, Iceland. I promise to post about the trip in the next few days. It was a very surprising place to visit.

But for now I want to share a wee secret with you. As the days are starting to warm up, you really need to know about this. Remember you heard it here first.

This enchanting little cottage can be found on an old coach path that runs parallel to the A27, right in the heart of the Sussex Downs. Not too far from Lewes or Eastbourne for that matter.

I swept the mister off his feet this weekend and whisked him off to the Tea Garden that has newly opened at the back of this hidden gem.

Oh my, what a place. Tranquil doesn't even begin to cover it. The lovely owner of the Tea Garden is a mistress of cake baking, her confections are simply perfection and her scones could have floated away on a breeze if we hadn't snaffled them as quickly as we did.

You won't find this 'hidden' place advertised anywhere, but if you click here, you will find directions to this treasure.

You might be lucky and catch a glimpse of the divine 'family' of Peacocks that wander in and out of the garden in their quest for cake. If you don't see them I'm sure you will hear them and their comical call.


  1. Oh, how beautiful! Sometimes I do miss Merrie England...can't wait to hear all about Iceland!

  2. It looks stunning, thanks so much for sharing - Enjoy your trip to Iceland!

  3. How wonderful - I was just researching Icelandic embroidery (as you do!) and found a fascinating blog about Iceland
    You might like it too! I find Scandinavia so interesting - I collect the antiques, I love Bjork, I watch all the TV thrillers, no noir is too noir for me! I look forward very much to hearing more about it.

  4. What a delightful place for tea and cakes.
    I want to hear all about Iceland.
    Like Nilly I love their thrillers too. However, I find them strangely incongruous coming from people who are peaceful, country and sports loving, but I suppose that adds to the mystery and tension in them. At the moment we are totally engrossed in the new Norwegian thriller, Mammon.

  5. Thank you for all your comments girls. I love to read them.
    Jean x

  6. Looking forward to your photos and take on Iceland, it's a place we've mumbled about visiting a couple of times but have passed over for somewhere else.

  7. What a quaint little spot, the tea stand looks divine. Can't wait to hear about Iceland!