Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Noosha Fox

I should listen to the wireless more than I do. After all I did buy a wonderful 1950s radiogram for that very purpose, that and to listen to my Long Players. You know the ones I collected for years, then gave away because I didn't have a record player and am now buying again. Oops, that's such a bad thing for a super scrimper to admit.

The old songs sound the best reverberating through the gold mesh fabric. The slight musical distortion and the low constant buzzing in the background is how I first heard rock n roll. The sounds of my childhood as played by my two eldest brothers.

The Mr & Miss of radio 2, Desmond Carrington and Liza Tarbuck are my favourite broadcasters. I couldn't be happier with their respective play lists, Desmond's reminiscences and Liza's banter. If you never listen in, I urge you to do so. I promise you will feel very cheery afterwards.

The Saturday before last Miss Tarbuck played a song by a group who I have been struggling for a while to recall. Couldn't quite remember the name of the group or lead singer although I knew she had a very particular sound and a fabulous Biba look. I couldn't think of the name of any of their songs either. I know what you're thinking, but honestly I haven't heard a peep from this group since 1975. I'm not that dotty yet.

There I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when I heard the first chord - I recognised it at once. I shouted to the Mister, he thought I had cut myself or something worse. This was it.

And today Postie brought me my very own copy of their 1975 album, Fox.

Does anyone else remember them?


  1. Yes ME i loved that song! oh what lovely memories you have brought back for mr...big thank you.
    I shall be singing this all day. Daisy x
    Ps I wonder what she looks like now?

  2. So do I, unfortunately couldn't find an 'up to date' pic of her, darn it. Mind you if she is anything like Ingrid Boulting of Biba fame, she won't have changed a bit. Wish I knew how she's managed that!

    Jean x

  3. Did you know that Noosha's son is the very useful physician Ben Goldacre. I say useful because his mission is to expose bad scientific and medical practice. Thank you Noosha!

    1. Nilly, thanks for that, I didn't know. Really interesting and ethical guy.

      Jean x