Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I'm super chuffed to welcome some new followers to my blog and (goes without saying really), also welcome those of you that drop by on a regular basis.

The purpose of my blog so far has been to connect with like minded people to share thoughts, exchange ideas and information. And have some fun obvs.

Now I am starting my craft workshops (if they get enough support), I will also use it to let people know about the finer details of the classes.

By clicking on the image of the gorgeous crochet blanket on the sidebar you will be immediately transported to another page which has all the information about the first workshops being held this Summer.

I hope they are successful so I can build on them and offer a wider choice of classes. I'm also hoping that I might really get to meet some of the talented people I have 'met' through the web.

For those of you that peek into my world from afar, and there are quite a lot of you, that of course may not be possible. But perhaps I could encourage you to join my Google Friend Connect thingamajig, then I can at least pop over to your blogs or if you don't have one then I can at least put a face to a visitor.


  1. Hi Jean. I'm not sure how the Google Friends Connect thingamajig works but I will try and connect with you on it.


    1. Thanks Carol, you're already on it as a follower. I probably haven't explained myself very well. I mean the Google followers, friends connect widget that's on the sidebar and looks like a lot of little picture squares.

      Jean x

    2. Hi Jean. I'm not much of a techie! I was thinking of the Google+ thing that is a bit like Facebook only I haven't got a clue how it works.