Thursday, 17 April 2014

Knitted Penguins & Other Delights

While I'm on the subject of things that I loved but couldn't quite pinpoint.


I was starting to think I had imagined this little show. All enquiries to friends and other folk met with a blank stare and something along the lines of "knitted penguins"? "Ice cream growing on trees"?

But at last I have found evidence of the little creatures on You Tube and at the same time probably discovered where I first learnt of the delights of the countryside.


  1. i remember this , a long time ago eh ? it has to be by the Bagpuss team surely.
    thanks !

    1. That makes at least two of us then. Yes it is from the Bagpuss stable, Oliver Postgate was the creative force. I loved his Ivor the Engine too.

      Jean x

  2. You made my day with that one! Haha! I don't think they broadcast those in the States because I'm "of an age" where I think I would remember. Thank you!