Monday, 13 January 2014

Throbbing Lemon

I had hoped to burst into 2014 with all the vim and verve of a strictly cum-do-dah finalist. Alas I was stopped in my cha-cha tracks by a fiercely throbbing lemon. Not as in the case of Jeeves and Wooster with a cracking idea but rather a cluster of migraines.

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Yes I know you probably thought I was living the high life in the West Indies over the festive season and New Year. Oh how I wish that had been the case, sadly not

But let's not dwell on the unfortunate episode, onward and upward. I'll be back soon with a cracking soda bread recipe which is both economical, super easy and delicious.

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  1. Oh dear, that's awful. I sympathise because my ex and my present husband both suffer and I know how dramatic and grim the symptoms are. Mr N had a few recently after a long gap. I very much hope you have treatments that work. Good to see you back!