Friday, 17 January 2014

Free Vitamin E Face Cream

I've mentioned this loyalty card before. By collecting points every time I shop it does actually provide me with quite a few free toiletries over the year.

Last week though Superdrug emailed to say I could collect a free 50ml tube of their SPF 15 Vitamin E rich moisturiser. No purchase required, a completely free bonus.

Well I was down there straight ways. We all love a freebie after all.
I have to say it's been a bit of a revelation. I actually prefer it to the more expensive brand I've been using for some time. So I'm gonna switch and continue to save more money through the years to come. Whilst hopefully looking increasingly more dewy and youthful.

Take my advice and get along to your nearest Superdrug whilst the offer holds. If you don't have a beautycard sign up there and then and claim your free moisturiser. You won't see any info up in store, just take it along to the check out and it's free when they scan your beautycard.


  1. Sounds good, though I fear it might be too late for me...

  2. i've had to e-mail superdrug about my free tube as the store staff at my local branch of superdrug had no idea about the offer!!

    1. That's not good:(
      I quite often find my branch doesn't have what I want as it's only a small branch and they don't stock a lot, that's a bit annoying. I hope you get your free cream as it's so nice, I can't see why not.
      Jean x