Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Money Off Voucher for M&S

I don't often go shopping at 'proper' shops, but had to this week to get some new bras. It really was about time. No really. I always shop at good ole Marks, not entirely sure why, but I do. Especially as I'm always slightly disappointed by the range of unpadded bras, perhaps I should venture further in my undergarment quest?

They must have had about 50 different designs but only about 10% without padding. I spoke to a very nice lady who was stocking up, about the lack of choice and she said that most bras are now padded because women don't like anyone to see their nipples. Ah me, I thought, and not for the first time this week, the world is going mad.

Anyhow I managed to pick out a few. As I was leaving the changing room the assistant gave me a money off voucher. £5.00 off when you spend £35.00 or more on clothing, lingerie, beauty and homeware. I used it for my purchase but the nice girl on the till gave the voucher back to me and said it can be used again in store and online.

So I thought it would be worth posting the code on my blog in case anyone is thinking of ordering from M&S online, as it would probably cover postage costs if nothing else. The only thing is 29th January is the last day it can be used which is tomorrow.

Here goes anyway AF8M-52YZ7B-7NPHEA.

Hope it works for ya.


  1. I had no idea nipples had gone out of fashion. Thank goodness I stopped by here! Thanks for sharing the voucher code.