Monday, 20 January 2014

No More Waste. No More Excess.

I haven't made any specific new year resolutions as such, I just feel I need to be doing a bit more of the same but with some added gusto. Healthy eating, that means saying no a bit more to those little extra delicious morsels perceived as 'treats'. Exercising regularly, which I enjoy and now have a bit more time for. And generally being more mindful about what I do with my time. In support of this I want to concentrate on reducing my overall consumption of material things, aiming for nil waste and a bit more wealth creation. Again by not spending unnecessarily and working hard.

One of the things that has fired my enthusiasm is this commendable Danish restaurant Rub and Stub. It's described as a food waste concept restaurant. All the ingredients they cook with are regarded as food waste by the food industry and would normally just be thrown out. The volunteer chef in this short film explains Denmark throws away over 1/2 million tons of food a year, a huge waste of resources and money. The thriving restaurant also channels it's profits into worthwhile projects in Africa. I am truly full of admiration for these folk.

No minute gone comes ever back again,
take heed and see ye nothing do in vain.                                          


  1. Wow ... what a great idea.
    I too, am trying to be a bit more mindful about how I waste my time and money!

  2. Brilliant restaurant!
    I agree with Vintage Jane too - enjoy every second - don't waste time.