Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tasmanian Devil

Oh how I do love the old black and white Hollywood films. That is why Errol was simply irresistible when I spied him at the old Heathfield flea market last week. I've told myself to only buy essentials at the moment, trying not to 'waste' money, but a little bit of glamour in a girl's life is essential, no?
Didn't really have enough room for such a big picture either but he's managed to squeeze himself in next to Twiggy, of course he has. And he's giving her the glad eye.


  1. We've stayed at Heathfield a fair few times but didn't know they have a fleamarket. I must sharpen up!

  2. Tuesday mornings Nilly. They also put on a ramshackle auction too.
    Jean x

  3. Ooh nice to see Mr Errol Flynn here in blog land posts...Gosh I have watched The Sea Hawk many a wet Sunday afternoon....Errol was my mamas most favourite actor! thank you for nice memories... hugs Maria x