Friday, 4 October 2013

Not Quite But Almost

After much procrastination all the furniture that needed shuffling has been shuffled, the many 'valuable' pieces of textiles, buttons, belt buckles and yarns have been picked through, so all is now ticketyboo on the studio front.
The Mister and I had a small glass of sherry on Wednesday evening to celebrate. He had a whiskey actually but you get the picture.
I'm just on the lookout now for a nice retro inspired cd player and an eccentric looking standard lamp to nestle between my two cane peacock chairs and the whole affair will be finished.

I picked up a glorious rug for the studio from my local chazza shop on Wednesday which I'm thrilled to bits about especially considering I didn't even realise I 'needed' a rug until I saw it, who'd have thunk it?

Anthroplogiesque rug £15.00 only.

So a small tour is in order. I have of course removed from sight four LARGE bags of yarn and three bags of buttons that haven't quite found a nook of their own yet. I'm terribly keen for you all to think my life is perfect after all.

Centre of studio as you look through the doors, please note my antique Art Nouveau Grandfather clock.

To the left, inspirational craft and fashion books, textiles and craft materials.

Working space and sherry drinking area.
Sensible corner, featuring my Grandad's chair and a Chatsworth comfy fleece. (Yes that is a large mermaid carved from a tree in the background).

Right hand corner with vintage stock including clothes and accessories.

Now there is the simple matter of organising all my papers and flyers etc, then I shall move on to the next phase, a business plan and upgraded website.


  1. Just amazing!
    Does "upgraded website " mean that you have a website link that I've missed?

    1. No Nilly you haven't missed anything. Now I've left my old paid employment I'm keen to make a living in a more enjoyable creative way. So in the next week or so I'm thinking of how i can achieve this and then I will be upgrading my blog website to possibly include some sort of on line shop. I also hope to be offering hand made and vintage workshops and events. Uncharacteristically I'm taking my time to get this right.

      Jean xx

  2. Wow! Looking impressively organised now. Sounds like you have a master plan......

  3. Oh my goodness, you certainly have been busy. Loving the new look studio, it's fab!! Certainly looking super artistic and inspiring! I had a little chuckle reading about your new rug (love it by the way!) that you didn't think you needed!! Welcome to my world, think you just inspired a post!

    1. Hi SAL, nice to hear from you. It's full steam ahead here.....

      Jean x

  4. How I wish I had a wonderful creative space like that. Gorgeous rug too!
    M x