Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Keeping Posted

I get an email now and then from the master of thriftiness Martin Lewis. He alerts me to any special deals that I might have missed, very kind of him methinks.

Just last week he told the tale of the mucho cheapo fabled Terry's chocolate orange, £1.00 only. In milk, white or my favourite dark chocolate.

This week he has done even better and because of his marvellous newsletter I have ventured two thrifty purchases.

The first will be a C*******s present for one of the family kinder.

This complete set is available through Sainsbury's Entertainment site, £3.00 including delivery.

I adore these stories, so I must remember that this set is NOT a present for me.

The second purchase was for a huge parcel of vegetable seeds, over 8,000. Following the success of our veg growing this season we have decided to try and grow even more.

The pack from Park Promotions Ltd includes beetroot, butternut squash, cabbage, carrots, courgettes, parsnips, peppers, radish, turnips, onions and lots more.

The 17 packets of seeds come in at around 44p a packet, £7.49 including postage and packaging. Fantastic value. They will arrive the first week in November so I'm hoping there may be some Winter cropping varieties that can be planted up lickety split.


  1. ~ Always nice to get a bargain! and ~ and I am with you all the way with the dark chocolate orange too! The 'butty' looks rather delicious from earlier post! may try that one, with out the banger though....Hugs Maria x

  2. You really are clever at finding bargains - we made very good use of the Art Fund membership & may join this year.

  3. Wow £3, that is a bargain! I also love these stories, in fact you have reminded me of a place not too far from me where I should take you someday soon!