Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Little Bit of History on Sunday

The mister and I were all set to go on a nice local 5 mile walk today. I found the details of the walk in a local magazine. The walk starts in Forest Row, Sussex, goes through the local countryside down meandering lanes and past a Jacobean ruin. Which until I read the article I had never heard of.

Brambletye House was built about 1631. Sadly only part of this once magnificent building is still standing. It is listed as an 'at risk' building. I should say it is.

We didn't get to see it today because the rain put paid to any idea of venturing forth, but that hasn't stopped me already fantasizing about buying and restoring the building. Imagine how thrilling that would be? Naturally Kevin McCloud would want to be involved.

We did manage to sort out a different piece of history today though, which I'm very pleased about. The mister and I finally put up the servants bell box that we bought at Ardingly a good few months ago. Just in time for Downton tonight. I feel it brings me a little bit closer to my beloved Carson.



  1. Sounds like in interesting walk - I wonder how close to the ruin you are allowed to wander.

  2. Hehe...You made me smile with your Carson comment....I always wish i could pull the cord and ask for tea, tea and more tea as Lady Mary always does...
    hugs Maria x