Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Souvenirs and Knitting with Cable Needles.

Just back from the knitting group, thought I'd hop on the pc and show you my latest project.

It's the first time I have used cable needles, and although they are a little bit tricky they give such a wonderful result. You may remember dear reader I'm trying to increase my knitting repertoire this year. Well look at this.
A honeycomb pattern. I love it. This will be the front of a cushion for the bed in my spare room, I'm thinking of putting a gorgeous vintage floral fabric on the back. If it all works out beautifully I might make some to sell too.

The yarn which is 100% machine washable wool,  super soft and very cosy, is one of the three things I bought on my recent long holiday to remind me of the splendid time I had. The yarn is from New Zealand, you can imagine how fabulous their yarn shops are. 

The other NZ purchase was this scrummy poster advertising the Art Deco week end that takes place every year in Napier, which is a town built totally in the Art Deco style following a massive earthquake there in 1931.
My last holiday item was a totally irresistible vintage teapot purchased during our stopover in Singapore. It has a little lid with integral filter,
and has the most delightful retro images of Snow White and the Dwarves.
Funny choices for souvenirs I know, but they won't end up being recycled in a charity shop any time soon :)

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