Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Earthy Eloquence Monty Don and the Proclaimers

I found out about this book from one of my regular blog reads, shame on me I can't remember which one. I took a while to order it because, yes theoretically we are saving to transform our garden, but a necessary purchase methinks to myself, in pursuit of garden gorgeousness, I'm sure you will agree.

Monty Don is sooooo passionate about the soil and of course plants, and he writes beautifully, sigh.......

"So it is, in this part of the world at least,with peregrines. You see them with a thump of shocked recognition. For a breathless minute,one of the fiercest and most feral creatures on the planet beat straight above my primped garden, and until it disappeared into a dancing mote in my eye, we alone shared the tentative dawn sky, the carefully edged path, the clipped yews, the family sleeping indoors, the everything known and unknown of that minute. Then it is gone and, with the pang of loss, a great flush of experience and excitement that lights up the rest of the day on into a memory, and, if you have any shred of wonder about you, the rest of your life".

This is one of his beloved pooches, who I do believe from the caption underneath is called Barry Anne :)
More earthy eloquence from the Scottish Bros.

These lyrics tickle me pink, and they too are earthy and eloquent.

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