Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Our Beloved Queen

Oh I'm such a huge fan of royalty, not in a silly stalker way and not in a cheap parody of Royal Worcester on the wall sort of way. This may sound silly and yes I know they are only humans but I do find them the tiniest bit magical.

 It's not their social status, HRH and all that, it's more that everything they do is well......... done so well.

On my recent big holiday Mr.S&P and I went to see a touring V&A Wedding exhibition in Wellington, NZ.

Part of the exhibition featured footage of the Queen's wedding, Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon's wedding and of course Wills and Kate's, if I may call them that :) We sat amongst a few of the locals, eyes glued when one of them piped up in a lovely loud kiwi accent "Nobody does it quite like the Brits", cue immense pride on my part.

I think the Queen has an aura of purpose and dignity about her and I think William does to. 

These early pictures of her are just great.
She looks a bit like my Mum in this second one.

This is her in NZ many moons ago.
 She is well loved there still, all our relatives had parties for the last Royal Wedding as did my family in Oz.

Even when she looks grumpy I still love her royal Nana cuteness.
I must get to the Cecil Beaton exhibition at the V&A which closes soon, lots of gorgeous Beaton photographs and film clips plus Beaton's personal scrapbooks.

Then it will be full steam ahead to the Jubilee, so exciting. A friend of mine Vanessa Mooncie has produced a limited edition of her take on Her Maj. 

I'm first in the queue for a right royal poster and some cards. They will be on sale at Charleston very soon.

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