Sunday, 26 February 2012

Special Delivery

Good morning lovely Sunday readers. I'm on tenterhooks at the moment, waiting for the news that one of my delightful friends has given birth to her first child. The baby girl was due on 19th February, and is now fashionably late.
Mia, or Pixie as I call her because of her diminutive figure and impish nature, has always known she has wanted children, so this baby is going to be really loved and then some. 

Her daddy (the baby's), is Irish and Mia is Danish and they live in Florence, yes Italy lucky things. So I'm wondering what nationality that makes da baby? It feels strange to think of it as Italian, but I suppose it will be.

Anyway as the daughter of a Pixie and a Leprechaun, yes Shane is quite diminutive too, it will no doubt have multi nationality status, including a light dusting of Fairy Land, in it's genes.
I have finished the blanket for da baby. Crocheters (is that a word ?) among you please do not look too closely at the edging.
Hearts because I love the motif  but also because I do love Mia, you couldn't not.
And have purchased da baby some strawberry shorts for the warm Italian weather.
And baby's first book. Mia is a very clever Pixie so da baby will need books as soon as it is born.

I'm away on my hols soon so I'm posting the parcel tomorrow, and will carry on waiting for news.

C'mon baby. 

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