Saturday, 4 February 2012

Easy Rhythmic Knitting

The first garment I ever knitted was a fair isle, I loved the look of it you see, didn't think about the angst involved.
This isn't it. This is a small piece of knitting I did when I had the idea of creating my own fair isle designs. I do love fair isle but it requires so much concentration everything else has to go on hold. I much prefer the kind of knitting that you can do whilst relaxing at the same time. I find knitting and my limited experience of crochet soothing.
This is my latest finished project, a jumpee for Mr. S&P. The first one I have ever knitted for him, (shame on me). This should have been a fairly straight forward garment, but the b****y pattern was wrong, grrrr. I thought I had misread it, then thought I didn't have the necessary skills to finish it, but after consulting my fellow knitters at my knitting group we all came to the conclusion the pattern was at fault. So I made some adjustments, left off the big shawl collar, simplified the neckline and finished it. Things like that really knock my confidence as a knitter and I've been knitting for a long while. 
Anyhoo I've moved on to a really simply sweet pattern now, nice and easy and I'm over half way through.
I'm making it in a pale mint green cotton rich yarn for my Danish friend Mia who lives in Florence and who is expecting her first baby. I have had the yarn a while, purchased for another project that I changed my mind about. Now that's thrifty and satisfying, the exact yarn I need, already in my stash.
The pattern is in this months Knitting magazine and is a great project for a beginner.
This is to be my next project, which I'm guessing will be easy once I know how to do it, right? I'm hoping to make some 'Blackberry Salad' cushions during a long haul flight I'm going on fairly soon. Of course the tricky part might not be the pattern, it might be getting the crochet hook on the flight in the first place. Anyone out there managed that recently?

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