Sunday, 12 February 2012

Between Two Worlds

Well it was very quiet at the Antiques fair yesterday, probably a combination of the freezing cold and lack of pennies in the pockets post Christmas. I still really enjoyed it though. Had a lot of compliments about the look of my stall, did I take a picture? duh no.

Also a lot of people liking my stuff even if they didn't buy yesterday. I always enjoy the day, probably because I don't do it that often but mostly because I love talking to people.

One of my work friends turned up and we were chatting about this and that, and in a swoop she solved a long standing mystery for me. 

Years...... ago I saw a great black and white film on the box about a cruise liner drifting in foggy seas. As the ship's journey continues, the individual stories of the ship's passengers are played out. The film has a massive and spooky twist at the end which I absolutely loved. But could I remember the bloomin name of the film? I recalled that Paul Henreid was in it, but that was that.
Turns out it's called...............................
It was originally a play in 1923, made into a film in the 1930's then remade in 1944, BINGO!!!!!
My friend's husband is in a revival production of the original play, on at the Finborough theatre in London, only on for another couple of weeks. I'm desperate to go and see it.
Here he is, David Brett. 'Time Out' magazine are loving him. And well they should.
The play is called Outward Bound.
See it if you can, it's an amazing story.

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