Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Garden Excitement

Our lovely gardening chum Willy came to the house at the week end to help us get a handle on our garden. We stuffed him with lashings of hot chilli and a little red wine to fortify him for his task. It was very cold on Saturday, just a few short hours before the snow arrived. But he very patiently took me and Mr. S&P round our own garden helping us to identify every single plant we have. It was totes amazing because nearly all the plants are just twigs at the moment , but he knew each plant and it's properties and yes, even the latin names.

We have lived in the house for 4 years this March and it has taken us all this time to earn the cash to restore it. It really isn't finished yet, we need to decorate the drawing room, which is quite bleak and unwelcoming. I hope to turn that into a little art deco haven where I can listen to the wireless, read and knit of course. 

But whilst we are thinking about that we want to get on with the garden plans. The garden I think will be a long and ongoing project. But we hope to grow our own veg, and maybe sell a little surplus. To have some flowers for the house and to have a few areas in the garden where we can sit out and enjoy the sun. We are slowly collating ideas and we will be visiting some luscious local private gardens when the spring comes, as part of the open garden scheme. But yesterday Mr. S&P utilised the snow to score out possible layouts, tres beans I say.
Monty Don is on board, good ole boy.
And Stafford Cliff.
The Dowager Duchess of  Devonshire even let us take a peek in her garden last year during Edensor day.
And we have been taking pictures of inspirational gardens for quite some time.
At last we are making a start and it feels very good indeed.

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