Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Elvis at The O2

I spotted details of this exhibition a while ago now, but haven't heard much about it in the meantime. I thought I would do a small post about it here, in case you lovely blogging chums have missed it on your radar.

Graceland is on my 'must see' list, the only problem being, I'd like to go without all the crowds, which let's face it is unlikely to happen. I will get there one day. Although it looks like they're now building an enormous hotel "just steps away" from the house, so I suspect I will have to break in, Ninja style, to see it without being crushed. Unless of course I can become besties with Lisa Marie, who is rumoured to have a house about 20 minutes drive from me. Now there's a thought.

image New York Post

This O2 event is billed as the largest retrospective ever mounted in Europe, with over 300 artefacts from the Presley family's Graceland archive. A visit should tide me over until I can get to see the real thing, who knows, it might even be better than the real thing, if I pick a quiet time to go.

A warm welcome to my newest Google Friend Connect follower Lisa Hills. Thank you for taking the time to press the follow button, it's nice to know who I'm 'broadcasting' to.


  1. My Mum was a huge Elvis fan, we had the pictures, clocks, mugs and we had all the films taped as soon as they came on TV, Blue Hawaii being my favourite.

  2. We went to Gracelands a few years ago and stayed at Heartbreak Hotel just across the road, The house I was very dissapointed with, you are walked down the hall way by a guide the doors are open to rooms but you are not allowed in and you cant stop to look just keep moving along you are told, it wasnt really that busy no crowds, you dont get to tour upstairs either, the musems we went round in the grounds were a lot more interesting, I am sure the 02 event will be worth a visit :-)

    1. Thanks for that info Dawn. Sounds like you don't really get a proper look or feel of the place. Really handy to know that sort of thing.


  3. oooooO! Well! I'm generally known to write quite a lot
    on people's Blogs! HeHe! Get carried away a bit...No
    wonder...When it's the man himself! Mr E.P. The King!
    Not forgetting his birthday, in a couple days time! 8th of
    January...1935. Died January 16th 1977.

    I do...or should l say 'did' have the honour of being a member
    of his Appreciation Society...Member 112...It was a fan club,
    that you were unable to join...The only way you became a
    member...was by invitation...(only). And, dare l say it...Jimmy
    Savile was member 116....
    I was Dorset representative of the actual Elvis Presley fan
    club...There were loads back then, but only one official one!

    And...What l don't know about this guy! One of the greatest!
    Bad management and burgers killed him...Lost his way, and
    sadly lost his life!

    I have seen the exhibition advertised...Have'nt been....But! I
    have been to the real thing...Graceland...! Wonderful!
    "Are you lonesome to~night....Do you miss me to~night......".
    (not now Willie)! "Sorry" :).

  4. Did you go on a tour when you visited Graceland? Or was it a 'special' do? Let us all know.
    I remember his death, I was at Butlins looking after some boys who were from a residential home. Back in the day when I did residential social work. But, sorry to correct you Willie, it was August when he died.


  5. Sorry! Yes! August 77.
    I went with a crowd of us form Motown...Before the place was open
    to the public in 1982! We had an interest to go, so, off we went.
    We did go into the memorial garden at the time. We saw a small stone
    in memory of Elvis's twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley..Who died at
    birth! That was in 1968. Elvis was about, but, we did'nt see him. The
    place was all being rebuilt...workmen, diggers etc...
    And, finally what it is to~day..A shrine!
    So, there were'nt any tours or 'special do's...He was still alive then!

    Over the years he was pushed into making those silly films, Col Tom
    Parker was his downfall, what ever he said, Elvis did it!
    'Puppet on a String'.
    Much the same as my main man....Michael Jackson...!
    I was a pro for 12yrs in the business! And, that was enough
    for me! Goodness! I could turn to, and certainly tell some
    stories! But, l have a very strong will....And, l came through
    it....It's a great life.....If you don't weaken!

    1. So glad you made it through Willie. What would we do without you?


  6. I would love to go to Memphis, and Graceland. Elvis and his music were an enormous part of growing up as my Dad was a big fan. He would tape Elvis documentaries on our enormous VHS but stop recording when they came to his final years - he wanted to remember EP at his very best. Have you heard of the Elvis tribute singer Jim 'The King' Brown? He sings covers of singers who are sadly no longer with us in the style of Elvis!