Sunday, 18 January 2015

Cake Baking and Fitness

I have recently had a cull of my cookery books, taking them off to my local chazza shop. With I might add, the firm intention not to buy anymore, under any circumstances. But oh, my Scandi crush continues, and Trine Hahnemann has done for me with her Scandinavian Baking book.

It was a necessary purchase in some part, because the Mister and I are formulating plans for the future and cake may be playing a part in that. More of that later.

As you know dear reader I am also trying to keep the body (not so beautiful at the moment) under control. The two don't really mix. But I have decided to bake only once every two weeks. Thus the sweet intoxicating pastries and cakes will truly be a treat.

It's not all sweet recipes in her book, although there are some real doozys. She covers some smashing bread recipes too and Smorrebrod, that's danish lunch to you and I.

The top two images are from her book. The last one is not from her book but she does provide a recipe for these oh so darling little Medaljers.

Anyway back to today and the news is I'm away for a week with a girlfriend  to Champneys, to make a dent in my flobbage, to re-educate my portion size and generally boost my fitness and energy levels. It's a New Year present, investing in my health and of course I got a deal, win win for me.

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  1. The turn over of cookery books in my home
    is quite phenomenal.
    "Willie..Have you got a book on curries".
    But, l keep them topped up, buying cheapy
    books from charity shops, if and when l need,
    and the price is right!
    Two books l will 'never' part with is a copy of
    section 57 of the Army cook book...Basically,
    it's Gurkha cookery! In association with the
    Brigade of Gurkhas...
    The other....HeHe! Gourmet Style Cooking......
    'Road Kill Cooking'. and other fine recipes!
    By...Jeff Eberbaugh..19994.
    It was sent to me by friend in America...My
    favourites are...'Pothole Possum' and...''Boogie
    Woogie Swamp Chicken'.
    It's a fun book...As it has a fun slant to it....! :).

    Have a fun week away...Don't forget...Bend zee knees!
    Cake! Cake!
    "What kind of cake does a cat eat on his birthday"???
    "Mice~Cream and cake".

  2. Cake baking is out for me - mainly because I'm rubbish at it but also because I love eating it. Enjoy your time at Champneys with less flobbage at the end of it.

  3. I joined a fat club before Christmas but I still bought a baking book today! I shall be baking from it over in a few weeks or so. Have a great week away, I'm sure there will be a huge amount of denting done!

  4. Have a good week, lose weight so you can make that very pretty pink cake and tell us about it. x

  5. Running seems to keep the calories in check for me, hope you have a great time in Champneys. The pics of those bakes look amazing! x

  6. Enjoy your week away! I have a English crush at the moment with cookbooks and just got my hands on a Mary Berry book xxx

  7. Have a wonderful time at Champneys!
    I love the look of the rose petal cake. x

  8. Sounds great, have a lovely pampered time x

  9. Why is it that I buy cookery books, love looking through them, but rarely follow a recipe in them? I'm sure I can't be alone in this. Instead, I use them more for inspiration. Have a wonderful time at Champney's.

  10. You have shared such lovely food photos just when I've started drinking my breakfast smoothie! I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends.