Friday, 9 January 2015

A Smile to Beat The January Blues

Photo by Snowdon

I read a very funny letter a while ago now in the Mister's 'This Week' magazine. Concerning the use, back in the day, of the old noble fax machine.

The letter recounted the tale of an incident at Stirling University which happened many years ago during a visit by Princess Margaret. She was due to speak, but confessed to having forgotten her speech. A professor said to her "fax it up", and Princess Margaret, quick as a flash, responded with, "it does rather."

Another rib tickler was provided this week by Libby who comes to my weekly knit and natter group. She's 80 this year, and was complaining that when she visited her daughter's house over Christmas, she felt very cold.

I helpfully suggested (because I'm like that), wearing a good pair of bloomers may have kept her warm. "Oh those things" she said, "when I was young we called them Harvest Gatherers, as they kept everything safely in".


  1. I love the photo you posted of Princess Margaret. I think she was a very beautiful woman but had a rather sad life at the end. It's funny how times have changed.

  2. My Granny used to call them
    'Passion Killers'...HeHe! :).
    "Oh! Look..Granny's got her
    passion killers on the line".
    And, the size of them...A Gypsy
    family could have move in.....!

  3. My Grandma used to wear those pink knee-length bloomers - in the 70's a modern version came out and I can remember wearing a red pair - which, come to think of it, would be ideal to wear under jeans in winter.

  4. lol, I think I may have to find myself a knitting group!

  5. Love it. Good old Margaret. And the stitch and cackle club story is marvellous! Have you read the Persian Pickle Club? I read it years back, it's a lovely story- worth a look xx

    1. I haven't read it, I will put it on my list to seek out. Thanks.


  6. Oh they are both great laughs, made me giggle!

  7. My Mother used to wear those! (She was born in 1904, so I think we can forgive her).

  8. Yes, I'd forgotten my nanny used to wear big pink shiny ones, and my mother used to wear elastic girdles, god know how she wriggled into them.. I'm quite happy with my Bridget Jones pants thank you!

  9. Somewhere I have a photo of my late father in law sitting in a car just like your header. I think it was a Bugatti, and my FIL has/had long curls tumbling over his shoulders.

  10. Ha ha ha! But I can't believe that her Royal Loveliness would deem to bathe in such a grotty dive. Look - there's not even a soap dish!