Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Did I Say..................

I'm learning Italian. Back to night school Monday 12th. I've just written out the lyrics and translation to this mighty song. Domenico Modugno singing Volare, on the Ed Sullivan show 1958.


  1. I would love to learn Italian, it sounds so romantic

  2. Aah! I remember it well - but surely you are much too young for this?

    1. Yes Nilly, too young to remember it, but old enough now to fully appreciate it :)


  3. Great song! Good for you learning Italian, prepping for your move? I would also love to learn as Italy and the islands are our favourite holiday destinations. It was never an option when I was in school, just French and German and Irish obviously. Ciao!!

  4. Ciao buon giorno signora....che bellezza!
    At least it not sung by Dean Martin.......
    Who actually made it famous!

    HaHa! What are you trying to do to me girl! :)
    And, this time of the morn'in....HeHe!
    This has to be one of the first songs l
    ever learned as a young up~and~coming
    Mafioso! Brilliant!
    When l clicked onto the song, l was expecting
    you to have translated it and to be singing it in
    English! But, let's be honest here, any Italian song
    translated into 'any' language, does'nt sound quite
    to same...Oh! did l say Italian...Sorry, l meant Sicilian!
    We Sicilians put up with the Italians...As in any country.
    North/South divide...!

    Well....I'm gonna have another listen, no, l'm gonna make
    another lemon tea, then have another listen...!
    So, here's to your first Italian post!!! :>).
    Ciao! Arrivederci!

    Oh! And, did you know it came 3rd in the Eurovision
    Contest of that year 1958!

    1. I hoped you would like the song, isn't it the best ever? I've written down the Italian lyrics with their English translation and will try and learn it off by heart. You know, just so I can wander around Sicily singing in Italian looking the part.


    2. HeHe! If you went round Sicily singing Volare....
      They'd love you death...They really would.
      But, there is another song..
      (Which shall remain nameless)! Which would
      certainly have the opposite effect! :).

      Ah! La bella Sicilia...Mio Sicila....I'd die for her!
      "What's that...It can be arranged". HeHe!

  5. When I was young we would sing along with this with made up Italian words as we had no idea what he was singing about. Volare oh oh Cantare oh oh oh oh
    del blue di minti del sue etc. We made our own fun in those days ha!

  6. That's a lovely version of Volare. I learned Italian to Scottish Higher level at school and always loved it. However on holiday recently, I tried my best to ask for things in shops etc but I was SO rusty. Would love to brush up on it again.


  7. I must find a short course to go on this year, beginners Italian possibly?

  8. Well done, I can never learn anything at night, I need to do it in the morning.

  9. It's fun learning new languages, and a lot more difficult as we get older (or so I'm finding out).

    My mother's Italian, so I understand a lot, but only speak the basics. Sadly, since my grandmother passed away, my mother no longer uses the language, as we all speak to one another in English, and my father speaks to his family in Welsh.

    Volare was one of my grandmother's favourite songs, but she loved Mario Lanza singing Ave Maria, best. x