Monday, 15 December 2014

A Few Days In Wales

We saw a lot of this in Wales. Which normally wouldn't put much of a damper on things, except we had hoped to get out into the Welsh countryside and have some good long walks. Never mind, perhaps we may venture there again in the Summer months. I don't think we will be staying at Llangoed Hall though if we do go back.

The hotel was quite spectacular, but dare I say it? Not worth the price tag. Our spacious room was just to the left of the picture with a double aspect and a decanter of sherry. All very nice, especially as we got a good deal for the three day break. But the evening meal which in my opinion was not quite up to standard, cost us the equivalent of two weekly shops. YIKES, and me a thriftanista!

Of course we still had a good time. On our first full day day we popped into nearby Hay-on-Wye. Mooching about the book shops was a real joy for both of us. The Folio Society Reading Room, is probably the best book shop I have ever been in.

I half expected to see young Wizards and Witches amongst the tall bookcases looking for their Winter spell books.

Lots of other fun bookshops too. Like this 'Murder and Mayhem' crime bookshop.

We also 'discovered' a new and thirst quenching craft beer shop atop the castle. The Mister had to bring a few bottles home of course. And a superb shop, probably the best shop in Hay-on Wye, called The Great English Outdoors. No, it wasn't like Millets.

They are specialist conservators and dealers in Welsh textiles, working with fine leathers and sourcing ethical and beautiful objects. I would say most, if not all the items for sale are hand made and most importantly are made from natural materials. We splurged out on some horn porridge spoons, a hand printed shirt for The Mister and some delightful Spanish cologne.

I'll tell you about day two in the next post. We visited a very unusual and quirky Gothic Revival house. It really deserves a post of it's own.

An update on the UK Blog Awards.

Unfortunately my blog wasn't short listed to go through to the next phase of the awards. Many thanks though for all of you who did vote for me in the first round. (And anyone who didn't is now on the naughty list, natch).


  1. mmmmmmM! Better say summat....I shall only
    get shouted at if l don't! :).
    Nice to see the original advert for a well known
    chemist...Up top...!
    Won't be here very long...The inside of my screen is
    getting very wet!

    Nice to here that the items on sale were of natural
    materials....You did'nt go for a birthday suit then Jean!
    Bit nippy! :>).

    What else....Ah! Yes! Here's German Christmas carol
    in Welsh.....
    Tawel nos dos y byd,
    sanctaidd nos gylch crud;
    gwylion dirion yr oedd addfwyn ddau,
    faban dun gyda'r llygaid bach cau,
    lesu T'wysog ein hedd.

  2. Way too nippy and not a little damp.

    Jean x

  3. I have missed you :o) Hay is one of my favourite places so it's really lovely to see it on your blog. Sorry the hotel wasn't up to scratch- it is hard to pick places from a distance sometimes isn't it? Looks like the out and about bits of your time away were lovely xx

  4. I'm sorry to hear that your blog wasn't shortlisted, but not to worry, there'll be other awards, I'm sure.

    I'm also sorry to have to tell you that you'll see a lot of rain in Wales during the Summer months, too. Well, there's a reason it's a green and pleasant land, you know.

    I've said it before... I LOVE Hay-on-Wye :)

    Have a wonderful evening Jean x

  5. I'd have LOVED this trip! Bookshops, the fab Welsh textile shop - sigh!
    Next year, perhaps.

  6. Hay on Wye is now on my bucket list. Thanks for this post I am looking for ideas for days out next year

    1. Thanks for your comment Sol and for dropping by my blog. The blog world is superb for showcasing places of interest isn't it? One of the things I love about blogs is the exchange of information on offer.


  7. Sorry you didn't get through but maybe next year... liking the look of the 'murder and mayhem ' book shop, they would stock plenty of the books I like. x

  8. Hi Jean, you lucky thing! I don’t envy you the rain, but I do envy you the trip to Hay (my favourite place in the entire world – apart from Australia!)
    Sorry to hear about the awards, I’m happy to say I don’t have to go on the naughty step as I voted for you.
    I’m taking some time off over Christmas and the New Year but wanted to call in and wish you a Happy Christmas before I go. Love Barbara x

  9. Have a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Thanks too for dropping by.

    Jean x

  10. Sounds like a lovely trip. Too bad about the blog awards, hope it was a positive experience none the less.