Saturday, 6 December 2014

Another Money Saving Expert (Apart From Me)

I've been on a multi mission of sorts these last couple of weeks. De-cluttering big time. Donating to my local chazza shops, books, DVDs, a few home wares and some lovely good quality clothes that I haven't worn for years and am not likely to wear again. Well defo now as I've given them away.

I also sold a couple of party dresses and two jumpers on Ebay, which have paid for the tweed brogues from Clarks that I wanted. The 20% reduction offer eventually came through, plus I bought them through the Top Cashback site, and gained a few extra quid there too.

My philosophy has always been to only buy things that I really love or need, but I'm trying to take that up a notch and be even better at it. It feels good to get new things but by 'eck it feels good to get rid of stuff too. I even Freecycled an indoor Orchid I've had for over 8 years. When The Mister listed it on Freecycle he put "it has fallen out of favour with my wife". I'm sure the lady who came to collect it gave him a look of sympathy, she must have thought, watch out you might be next on the hit list.

In keeping with all things frugal and money saving, I wanted to mention the weekly 'money saving' email I get from Martin Lewis. I would think that most of you are already in receipt of his wisdom, as his email goes out to about 10 million people a week. But just in case you don't get it, I wanted to show you what you are missing.

There's a lot of useful information in his email and quite often a little gem or two. He highlights special discounts, deals and money off coupons. For example the Dr.Oetker range of pizzas have been on special offer for several weeks now. If you buy a pizza with the £10 logo on it as seen in the picture below, you will find a code inside the box which entitles you to two vouchers, one £1, and one £1.50, money off your next pizza purchase. You simply go on to their website and they send you an email with the printable vouchers. (If you are really lucky, like me, you might also win a £5 voucher off your shopping, at the store of your choice). Morrisons have been selling the pizzas at half price, £1.49, for a good few weeks now, I'll let you do the math, as our American friends would say.

In this week's email he also brought to our attention a £1 money off coupon for the Covent Garden range of soups. Again a download from their website. Morrisons are selling a number of the soups at £1.00.

I hope you're getting my drift. The shopping above cost me a total of 96p. Thank you Mr. Lewis, you are indeed the King of coupons.


  1. Good 'eavens you ladies....Going silly for a £1 off your next
    pizza...! HaHa! When you go buy yer next pizza, it will have
    increased in price by 50% anyway!
    Iceland sell 10inch various pizzas for a £1....Sorted....AND!
    Hey! come on....Make yer own....I know! l know! you have'nt
    the time! :).

    No secret...'I'm a professional shopper', ALL my life, l've shopped.
    I know it's difficult for Mums/families etc...Trying to shop in the
    supermarket, with kids running round. Do what l did, my daughter
    would be in the pushchair, as we went in...I'd pick a few grapes,
    or even a banana, keep her quiet on the way round. No one ever
    said anything...HeHe! Well! It's me, after all. When l walk into a
    shop...Everyone hides! But, l get what l want, at the price l want
    to pay! Period!

    And, over the years, l've taken Mums/ladies shopping, to prove
    a point, shopping is more, than just taking items off a shelf, and
    'throwing' it into a trolly...Then the poor wife/Mum gets home, moans
    to hubby..."Shopping's gone up £5 this week" A row develops, arguing,
    then it's a break up...Then divorce....Then....Oh! The mind boggles!
    ALL over the price of a few groceries!

    I can't comment on..on line shopping...Don't do it, AND never will.
    I like to see what l'm buying, when l buy it. There are good offers
    in stores anyway...If you look for them.
    Shopping is an entertainment for me....AND~I~LOVE~IT.....! :>).

    "Willie...Yer going on a bit" "I know! I know! I could go on for ever".
    "But, l need another lemon tea". HeHe!
    Ciao! Ciao!
    Oh! And four sachets of soup in Teso's 37p. And, just as good as
    anyone else's...!

    1. I don't make pizzas at home because I'm not really a big fan. BUT I do like Pizza Express ones, the thin ones, and these. I wouldn't buy cheap food Willie, I'm not even sure what they sell at Iceland is food, it looks like a load of salt, sugar and palm oil to me, YUK. You should know me by now Willie, I like the real deal, and quality, but at a lower price. Incidentally folks always check the ingredients on products, you will be surprised what has palm oil in it. Waitrose seems to use it more than Lidls too, which surprised me. I'm having my green tea, pineapple and grapefruit btw.


  2. HaHa! I love it when a plan comes together....
    Soap box ans all....! :).
    And, yes, we're not all the same, l'm just cleverer
    than most...ooops!
    All l'm saying is....Take time and shop wisely, content,
    goodness, and of course the price...!
    Lidl is my main shop, once a month, for my continental
    things, at a reasonable price....And, of course Lidl, Aldi,
    are taking over from the other supermarket villains, that's
    all you can call them...!

    When you get your tree to~day....Get one with the roots on.
    Not one chop off and after a couple of weeks, left to die.....
    Yes! Yes! I know it's recycled....BUT, that's not the point!
    A life has been taken....! Better still...Find an imitation one!

    I'm just off for a Camomile tea!

    1. Funnily enough I'm going to get a rooted tree for the first time. I usually go for a huge hotel lobby size tree. Not this year, I want tall and linear.

      I'm having my coffee now, then I'm off to the garden centre to get the tree and see the real reindeers, oh joy!

      Jean x

  3. Ah! Bless! Something tall and linear..!
    HeHe! How is Mr Shrimpton and Perfect! :).

    There is a certain lady who follows and reads
    this Blog....No names! Who will want to know
    ...Have l eaten reindeer....And..The answer is YES!
    But, l have pheasant to~day! :>).

  4. I am not much for packaged foods and I make my own pizzas, but every so often I see frozen boxed pizzas on sale and I cannot resist...for me they are the ultimate fast food/comfort food!

  5. A little of what you fancy does you good.