Monday, 18 August 2014

Searching for my Style

I can't say dear reader that I have ever been a dedicated follower of fashion. And apart from a brief period in my yoof when I dressed as a skin head, think Prince of Wales check dresses, Crombie coats and Sta Press. I have never really thought about dressing in a particular style.

In my twenties I 'discovered' vintage clothes and would often hoof it to Portobello Market for a little weekend number. I still do have a penchant for the odd vintage piece, but it's not a 'look' I feel I could go with on a daily basis.

Just recently though, and partly due to my visit to Reykjavik, I have become drawn to all things Scandinavian. Take a squiz at my Scandi/Norse board on Pinterest and you will see where I'm coming from. My Mother's maiden name is a Viking one so I do have some deep connections to that part of the globe.

I'm thinking of adopting a new style, a Scandi one. It will need to evolve, not least because I will have to grow my blonde hair long enough to feature some plaiting. But also because I'm not about to go out and spend thousands on a new wardrobe of clothes.

Don't worry I won't be seen wearing a winged Norse helmet. Although I do love a bit of eccentricity as you know.

Please click on the pink text below to see a wonderful interview with Dame Edith Sitwell talking about her style.

Almost forgot to welcome my new Google Friend Connect followers, that will never do. I'm super pleased to connect with, Countryside Tales, Captain Shagrat and Lemonade Kitty.


  1. I think you should go for the winged helmet, personally.... :-)

  2. HeHe! Fashion and Food....That's ma bag!
    How long have l got....Firstly must say...I
    think yer Mum looks lovely in her helmut
    and spear! :).
    And as for old Mother Sitwell...I get a bit pee'd
    off with interviews like that...get yer bones round
    to my home, missus, and listen to someone, who's
    been there...Done that...! (She might be dead now
    of course...Have'nt bothered to check).

    "Every Street is a Catwalk".
    I love fashion...Going back to my most favourite era,
    Regency! Love it! The cloths are the best ever...And
    l had two Regency suits...A white one and a black one.
    Frock coats, long coloured waistcoats, slightly flared pants,
    (trousers)..Frilly shirts, watch (full hunter) and chain and fob!
    Love to dress up....I used to do a bit of a drag act at Pontins
    Holiday Camp...back in 68! HeHe! Great fun....! After they'd
    judged the Miss Pontins entrants, l used be on the end of
    the queue, and do and ad~lib with Jason Collins, who later
    appeared and won two weeks running on Opportunity Knocks!
    Used to wear some lovely 'frocks'....Which l borrowed of of the
    lady Blue Coats! :).

    And...Needless to say...Those..Who have been permitted into
    my bedroom...(With out paying)...Will tell you my wardrobes and
    the cloths there in....Would shame most ladies wardrobes...HeHe!
    We should ALL love to dress up....In light 'gay' colours..AND......
    when l say 'gay' in mean happy and cheerful...Get Me!

    Lovely post Mrs What's~It....
    One of my favourite sayings....
    "You laugh at me because l'm different...I laugh at you,
    because your all the same"! :>).

    1. Goodness! Gone on a bit have'nt l....HeHe!
      Made an error....Not good for a Virgoan....
      Should read I 'Have' two regency suits.....
      Not 'Had'....Sorry....Present tense...! :).

    2. Willie, your comments have reminded me that I did go through an 'Annie Hall' stage too. Collarless shirts, waistcoats and Oxford bags. Now that was a good look.

      Jean x

  3. HeeHee, I agree with Countryside tales...Off to check out your skandi board.

  4. I'm with CT go for the helmet ;)

  5. Just checked out your Scandi board, love it :)

  6. Being of Scandinavian descent, I love everything Scandinavian; fashion, furniture, design and let's not forget, food! Loved reading your post.

  7. Not sure what Scandi-style is in fashion but I love Scandi-style homes.

  8. Oooh thought I'd forgotten the sta press, tonic coat and Ben Sherman, best left in the past. I'm now a very simple Japanese dresser, a follower of Yohji Yamamoto's words - 'Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: I don't bother you - don't bother me.'
    Also it hides a multitude of sins ha.
    Off to look at your Scandinavian pins! great post. x

  9. I've never been a follower of fashion either, comfy clothes for me every time. Not sure that helmet would fit with that though.

  10. Not for everyone I know, but the Scandi in me loves Gudrun Sjoden clothes. I find them quite timeless & therefore I don't mind that they never wear out. Now I'm off to find you on Pinterest!