Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Week Of Ups & Downs

I feel as though I have been chasing my own tail this week. I'm not moaning mind, as I do like to have lots on.

I have been doing a bit of easy peasy painting in the house, just a downstairs cloakroom. It's all looking lovely and fresh again now. My brother and his wife are coming to stay with us in a few weeks and so I wanted to get it done. Not really the kind of thing anybody else notices, but part of my preparations for their arrival. I know, I'm nuts.

Actually we have just got back home after meeting them at Heathrow airport for lunch. They live in Australia and flew in today. They're now off on a wee tour of England visiting some friends and other family members before they come back to us in a few weeks for a five night stay. Can't wait, they are a very special couple.

So that was one of the ups this week, now to one of the downs.

I spent another long day travelling to and from  Margate on Thursday to attend a second interview for a dream job. Retail Buyer at the Turner Gallery. It is a very long way from where we live, but it was a two day a week post and would have been manageable if I didn't have to be physically there for all of my contracted time. Which I didn't. I was chuffed to hear I was the only applicant called back for a second interview.

Unfortunately I was so thorough in the presentation of the task they had set me, I inadvertently made them aware they had rather jumped the gun a bit. I suggested that more work was needed in establishing the direction of their enterprises and their 'branding' before they could move forward with the shop.

They agreed. So they didn't give me the job. Nobody got the job, because it no longer exists.

I'm adopting a philosophical view on the whole episode. There's no hard feelings and perhaps something better is waiting around the corner. Let's hope so.

On the accentuate the positive vibe, I have a new Google Friend Connect follower, in the shape of Ethel Johnson, welcome.


  1. Oh my goodness Jean, that is unbelievable. You must be so disappointed. Hopefully, when the job returns you will be the lucky and well deserved recipient. Chin up. Big virtual hug.

  2. Oh no, hopefully she they are ready to move forward they will contact you x

  3. How exciting have family visit from Australia I am sure you will have a brilliant time with them,
    Thats a real bummer over the job fingers crossed when the job does get re-created they see what a good catch you will be. :-)

  4. You must really know your stuff so it's definitely their loss in a big way. Have fun with your brother and sister in law x

  5. Wish I was visiting England too Jean!! xx

  6. Oh no, fingers crossed for something better x

  7. Oh dear that's a shame - hopefully they will remember you when the right time comes

  8. Thanks very much for all of your words of support lovely fellow bloggers.

    Jean x

  9. I expect you made an impression though so hopefully your name will remain with them and if something else comes up they'll be straight on to you :-)

  10. It's a while since we visited and I admit that I didn't buy anything in the shop - probably because, at that time, there were too many random objects (mugs, shopping bags etc.) bearing Ms Emin's statements and slogans.
    That said I usually love museum and gallery shops so I hope you get a chance to help them improve their "branding".

  11. You are meant for better things Jean. Chin up x