Sunday, 31 August 2014

Modern Love in the 1920s - Some Advice

In my time I have collected a great many interesting vintage things. No rhyme or reason to what I decide to buy other than it takes my fancy, oh and it must be a bargain of course.

Sometimes folk find bits and pieces and give them to me because they feel I will appreciate them. This very old and I may say kinda strange smelling little magazine, was a gift. It doesn't have a date on it, I'm guessing 1920s because of the hair and lingerie styles, but it could be early thirties.

It is in tremendous condition for it's age, and is full of really lovely illustrations and adverts, as well as some 'new and dainty' patterns, designed for 'beauty and comfort'.

This article I think is worth sharing, it obviously seeks to manage a young gals expectations after marriage.

Seemingly men became very different creatures after the honeymoon period. For example, what is a girl to do when he forgets to bring the usual bunch of violets?

Well if you click on the story above to enlarge and squint hard enough you might just be able to read the answer. If not, a rough precis is, men aren't perfect, you wouldn't want them to be. Stop grumbling and appreciate what he does rather than what he doesn't !

" Did we think he would curtail his personal expenses, cut down his tobacco, and walk to the office, so that we shouldn't have to scrape over the housekeeping money? No, I don't suppose we gave it a thought, but we ought to now, and place it on the credit side of the account when we feel irritable and mutter: He's not a bit what I imagined........"

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  1. Goodness! from ladies underwear to a bunch of violets! :).
    When will it ever end...Or get even better in fact! HeHe!

    Love the 1920's, start of the gangster era...Fashion and
    everything that went with it....Loved to have been there,
    Went through a phase of wearing a pin~stripped, double
    breasted suit, black shirt, white tie and white shoes...And,
    carry a violin case...Unfortunately..Empty! :>).

    Ladies of course are lovely creatures...HeHe! With or with
    out underwear....(Am l aloud to say that)...NO! Sorry!
    Reminds me of a saying by Eleanor Roosevelt....
    "A woman is like a tea bag~You can't tell how strong she
    is, until you put her in hot water".

    But...I prefer a saying from my Psychology days.....
    "I'm not a control freak, l just happen to be highly driven,
    focused, motivated, extraordinary and inspiring leader,
    and, yes, you may take time out to listen to my advice,
    and, no, you may not do things your way....".
    (Love That).

    But always remember...
    "Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly".

  2. When I think of love I always remember the passage from Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet" book of poems :-

    "Think not you can direct the course of love,
    For love,
    If it finds you worthy,
    Will direct your course."

    Yeah, the "expectation" prior to marriage is certainly different to the reality after the marriage ceremony - and I'm sure that stands for both the female and the male partners.

  3. I'm on my second marriage, it's so much better as you know what to expect and although I never knew what I wanted in a Husband I sure as hell knew what I didn't want! lol

    Lovely magazine x

  4. So funny. It reminds me of the 1950s advice to housewives, the bit about not burdening your husband with all your silly worries when he's had a hard and trying day at work, and remembering to change into a dress and welcome him with a smile, regardless of how you are actually feeling. x

  5. Oh, how times have changed. It's wonderful that these magazines have survived in such great condition.

  6. oh dear, I'm so glad things have changed. :)

  7. At my age my idea of beauty and comfort in bed is a pair of flannel PJbottoms and a well worn tee shirt.