Monday, 25 August 2014

India Hicks - One of my Favourites

Well the incessant rain has blown my Bank Holiday plans, how about you? Yes I thought so.

We've had a good run with the weather so it would be churlish to complain. Yet I feel we could still do with a teeny bit more warm weather before Autumn starts it's big chill.

I'm sending you some sunny pics to keep you going until the sun shows her face again. And a link to a very striking, stylish and talented lady's website.

image via
India Hicks, in case you don't know of her, is a fashion model, muse and a talented designer. I myself sport one of her Domino necklaces. I waited a long time for it and I never take it off! I think it's that special.

She also just happens to be the second cousin of HRH Prince Charles and she lives in the Bahamas. I know, lucky thing.

Her products are fabulous but to order them is a costly business because of our customs, tax and postal handling charges. But it doesn't cost a bean to dip into her life through her blog posts. Which I like to do. Masochist aren't I?

This latest post should make you smile and feel the warm sun through our rain.

Don't forget to tell her I sent you.


  1. I adore the swimming pigs - but, crikey, I think my glimpse into India's fab life has made me feel just a wee bit gloomier!

    1. Oh Nilly don't say that. She probably gets fed up with the heat and sunshine don't you think? She probably longs for a good ole British Winter
      so she could light a roaring fire.

      Jean x

  2. Just been over to India Hicks....And left my mark...
    HeHe! Another Blog l shall probably be barred from...! :).

    And, l love pigs...Roasted..Boiled...Grilled...Smoked....!
    Do know the best meat on a pig....??? No laughing now!
    The nose..followed closely by the cheeks...In fact the bestest
    meat on any animal is found on its head....!
    (recipes available now..please send £5 to......). :>).

  3. My ex-mother-in-law (Greek) used to on occasion boil up a whole pigs head. It was always a gruesome sight sitting on her draining board pre boil, with it's glassy blue eyes following you around the room. Apparently though it was delicious.

    Jean x

    1. Quick funny story....
      I returned to this country back in 73. Just married!
      On my first visit to the inlaws, my then wife, her sister
      and Mum~in~Law...went off, shopping, my then Father~
      In~Law and myself, went off to the pub...Like you do!
      Later that afternoon we got back home, on the stove,
      simmering away was a sheep's head..So, l said to Dad~
      In~Law...'Are you hungry'..So, l peeled a few spuds, carrots,
      onion...And, popped them in...Half hour later, l took the head
      out, peeled the meat off, bit of brain, tongue, and the veggies..
      And, we sat down in front the telly...Enjoying our 'grub'.
      When the girls got back..My Mother~In~Law said..'What are
      you two eating'..So l told her....She got a little upset, as she
      was cooking the head up for...for...for....The Dog...! :>).
      HeHe! Poor old dog....Tough! That dog never liked me anyway! :).

  4. Poor dog indeed! Your FIL was game though eh?

    Jean x

  5. Oh Willie makes me chuckle!

    Hello Jean :)

    We did have a lovely Summer, I'm quite happy to let Autumn stroll in now though, I think I'm ready for boots, scarves and mugs of drinking chocolate <3 x