Sunday, 13 July 2014

Unwinding in Brighton

I spent a lovely Saturday with two of my knitty chums, Anita and Ann, at the 'Unwind' event held at the Brighton Corn Exchange. We took the bus to Brighton and nattered and laughed all the way in. I'm afraid we were a little bit excitable.

It's a beautiful venue but it was very hot inside and some of the traders were looking a bit pink around the chops. Everyone was in good spirits though. It's a lovely thing to walk amongst a large group of people like that and see a smile on every face. It's the power of yarn and craft.

I suspect know all of us that attended have enough yarn to see us through several projects, but the allure of new hand dyed yarn is irresistible. From what I could see nobody was leaving empty handed.

I bought some Alapaca bed socks for myself and a pair for our son Jack, not that either of us wear socks in bed. They are the best thing though to slip on and poddle around in when Mr. Frost is nipping at your toes. Mark my words as hot as it feels now, he will be back.

I also bought a single skein of yarn, yes just the one. 100% Superwash Merino wool in the most fabulous multi emerald green shades. My yarn was hand dyed by Jon of Easyknits, pictured above. His Nan taught him to knit when he was a nipper and he has been smitten with all things yarny ever since.

After a few hours of coloured yarn bliss, we stepped across the road to Carluccio's and had cappuccinos and strawberry tarts. Unfortunately all my previous restraint was undone as I'm a sucker for his produce and did spend an 'unnecessary' £20.00 on lemon olive oil, pasta and individual ready mixed Campari and sodas, they are just too darn cute.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day out with lots of goodies to look at and eat by the sounds of it.

  2. Lovin that post! That yarn is beautiful. I just treated myself to some hand dyed yarn and it is adorable. What are the long silky looking yarns, they look like unicorns tails?!

    1. The 'unicorn tails' are the fleece after it has been cleaned and carded. The next stage would be to spin it into a yarn. Or I think (but I'm not an expert yet), it could be used to needlefelt or even weave with, possibly. It was gorgeously silky and soft.

      Jean x

  3. that yarn sounds wonderful, sounds like a great day from start to finish!

  4. What a lovely day out and you were so restrained with your purchases, what do you plan to do with you skein of Merino, :-)

    1. Believe it or not Dawn, yet another scarf. The picture of the orange knitting above Jon is a really fine asymmetrical scarf that has about 3 different patterns running through it. I have TONS of scarves but not a dressy knitted one, but I will have soon. I'll post a pic soon of the skein and you can see it in all it's glorious colour.


  5. Well...As an only Sicilian child..I was taught to cook, sew, knit,
    do hair...Mia Mama, she teach me everything, and, in turn, as
    a single parent for 14yrs, l in turn taught my daughter..!
    HeHe! As l always say...."we're the best there is..the best there
    was..and the best there ever will be". :).
    I was knitting scarf's at 5yrs old.....

    So! Mention the word a Sicilian...and, we will be
    transported to mealtimes of our childhood, the memory of Mama's
    kitchen table, dusted with flour for freshly rolled pasta, a slow pot
    of meaty stew simmering on the stove and the sweet scent of warm honey~roasted fruits, lingering in the air....(Hang on...just dropped
    a tissue)....Ah! Memories! Memories!

    And, of course the lovely Antonio Carluccio...One of the very best,
    cooks with love, not like some of so called chefs on telly...In cooking,
    the first ingredient is 'always'. love...! :).

    HeHe! To think...I wasn't gonna say anything....
    Only this....I did prefer the first photo of Pendragon,
    That one up there...No! No! The eyes follow you round
    the room....! Just a personal view point....! But! You know
    me...Tell it as it is....! :>).

    1. Ah WTW, I love the sound of la tua Mama. My Mum couldn't cook for toffee and clean the house, you gotta be joking! That's why I'm such a domestic goddess, in an effort to redress the cosmic balance. As you know I love all things Italian so I'm going to give pasta making a go sometime soon, so I also bought some 'pasta' flour at our friend Carluccio's. Please note Pendragon picture restored, just for you my friend.

      Jean x

    2. What is this power l have over people....
      HeHe! Thankyou! That's better, shows off her
      lovely eyes and smile...! Bless! :).

      Pasta flour....
      All you need now is a pinch of salt, a glug of
      extra virgin olive oil, and a shaving of Parmesan
      cheese to start creating simple dishes of your
      own....! Yes! Enjoy!
      Buon Appetito......

  6. It is so lovely to have a day out with friends who like the same things as you, and even better when you get excitable :)

  7. I think Ann thought I was bit loud I'm afraid, but that's me. She still loves me though :)

    Jean x

  8. What a perfect outing, I love all your photographs :)

  9. Gosh you get about, this is one trip I'd liked to have made.