Thursday, 3 July 2014

Evening All - Monster Alert

Just been out to the veggie beds to get some courgettes for dinner, the first ones are just coming through. When I spied a 'cuckoo' in the nest.

Can any of you lovely experienced veg growers explain how such a monster has appeared almost overnight, why it is light green and is it worth cooking up? It is about 12 inches long with a 13 inch girth. No rude comments form you Willie !!!! This is a genuine question. I'll admit it's a bit unfortunate timing following on so quickly from the you tube clip in the last post. Answers please.


  1. Blimey was it on the same plant? Try a little of it, if it isn't bitter it will be fine to use. I tend to chop & de seed any overgrown monsters & roast them.

    1. Yes it was on the same plant and we've grown it from seed, can't quite work it out.

      Jean x

  2. Good God, Jean! The fairies at the bottom of your garden have been busy. Looks like a very pale marrow. Can't wait to see what Willie has to say - ha ha!!


    1. Even as I was typing the post I was thinking what's our Willie gonna say. I expect he will surprise us.

      jean x

  3. Interesting! Where did you get the seeds from Jean? They might have accidently been cross fertilized with another of the cucurbit family -you may have a brand new veggie but it may not be a tasty one!

    1. Yes I know, I think it's going to be a taste it and see. I;m not keen on marrow though, yuk.

      Jean x

  4. Goodness! me....How do l know about these things....! :)
    HeHe! Well! All l know is...It must be a marrow, same family.
    You did'nt say if it's on the same plant as a courgette.....!
    So you may have had a rough plant/seed in the bunch.....!

    Food that's my thing...You can eat it of course...Nice in a
    ratatouille...Even better, cut it in half, scoop out the seeds,
    and fill each half with spaghetti sauce, or a cheese sauce.
    In the oven or under a grill....!
    Pity it's not pink....You'd make a fortune! :>).

    Oh! l've just thought...David will know...When he
    gets outta bed....He's the expert on gardening....
    Come on David...Get yer self into gear....! HeHe!

    Well..I'm off for me first cuppa....Enjoy yer.........!

    1. oooops! Sorry! You did mention it was on the same plant.
      I meant to say rogue...not rough...I'll get this English right
      one of these days! :).
      I was gonna wait 24hrs to comment....But, that would be
      to'marrow'....oooooO! :>).

    2. Right! Right! Let's put this to bed...The courgette bed!
      I spoke to my cousin Salvatore in Sicily last night, and
      in passing mentioned the courgette...Or Zucchini, as the
      rest of Europe call them...And, they originate from Italy!
      Basically..What has grown there is a hybrid...Known as
      the Golden Zucchini..Can also be orange in colour..!
      It is used mostly in savoury dishes...Although it is a fruit.
      The flowers can also be eaten...There nice dipped in a light
      batter and deep fried....!
      Also...Thinly sliced and fried in butter....! :>).
      HeHe! No charge for the info....! So, get on and try it....Tell us
      how ill you were in the next post....! :>).

    3. Willie you are wonderful, in fact I think that's how I should address you in future, Willie the wonderful, WTW. I'm gonna chop up the beast tonight and see if it's worth cooking, mind you we'll probably need to organise a street party to get it eaten. Please tell me your mystery solving cousin's surname is Montalbano, it is isn't it?

      Jean x

    4. No! I'm afraid not....
      Sicilian family name is Piazza...!
      My family history is not as nice as yours...
      It's riddled with Mafiosi, gangsters...But, l
      can go back to 1800...My great..great Grandfather
      was Chinese..He travelled to Sicily, about that time!
      My Grandfather..Mum's dad, was 106 when he died,
      and, still riding round on a donkey..aged 96...
      Mio Zio..(Uncle) Vincenzo..He was a local Godfather,
      very rich man..well respected...HeHe! He'd make you
      an offer, you could'nt refuse..! :).
      So l grew up, carrying this, 'Sicilian Thing' around
      with me.."Where you from Willie"? "Sicily" "Oh! Mafia".
      Every holiday program l've ever seen about Sicily...
      They always mention the Mafia....Still, it's a fascinating
      history, and, l learnt most of it, first hand from mia Mama!
      Then...She let the side down and died...Aged 90...! HeHe!

  5. Yuk that looks pretty gross. Never seen anything quite like it - are your sure its a vegetable - looks more like an alien to me.

  6. Wow! I'm sorry I can't help with veggie advice, but personally, I'd cook it as you would the others and taste it first.

    Have a perfect weekend :)

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  8. I feel that it has a gene gone mad. Would not eat it lest you too grow quite out of size and color! Just kidding - but it is probably past being delicious!

  9. LOL! I'd say you had been feeding it Guinness if it weren't so pale!