Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Eau de Cologne & Roman Chamomile.

Right oh, the mister is watching the footie, chance for me to talk about my projects. I have a couple of the knitty kind on the go, of course, they're perfect for when I have a spare few minutes, great to dip in and out of. One is more urgent than the other and I fear may not be finished on time as I have another project that has moved up the to do list. This needs to be completed by Friday week when our son is coming to stay, as we are short on storage space in our guest room.

Lady Luck was on my side last weekend when my name was pulled from the hat for a Freegled cupboard. The lovely lady who was giving it away only lives a half a mile from my house so it didn't have to travel too far. (Which is one of the criteria for re-cycling the Freegle way).

I plan to give this little beauty a mini make over. Overall it is in good condition but needs a thorough clean inside, a coat of primer and a couple of coats of fresh paint. All of which I already have in the garden shed. The top will be a different shade to the rest of the unit, and then I'm going to decoupage the top with a really nice design I downloaded for free. You'll get to see the image when I have finished the job, such a tease aren't I?

I've only had to buy a couple of things to complete the work, a new handle for the cupboard and some glue for the decoupage work. Both items together cost less than £8.00.

The new door handle for the unit is mother of pearl and chrome and I hope will work well with the colours and image I have in mind.

To the garden now.

We found a delightful herb stall at the Smallholders Show at the weekend. We bought some wonderfully fragrant Roman Chamomile which I have planted up in a wide pot to give it room to spread. I'm hoping it will thrive so I can use it to make some delicious soothing tea. If it does very well I will harvest and dry some for over Winter.

The stall had lots of nuggets of herbal wisdom attached to the plants for sale. I learnt that the Eau de Cologne mint we have cuttings of is perfect for naturally perfuming bath water. Obvious now I know.

The right hand side picture of my trio shows some tiny seedlings I'm especially excited about. When the mister and I went up to London last year to the Buckingham Palace Jubilee celebrations we were given some free Birch tree seeds in a little pack. This is my third attempt at getting the seeds to germinate and I have used them all up now. Happily I have 5 tiny little seedlings springing up. I'm hoping to take them as little trees to our next house. We shall see won't we.

And just because there is so much talk of insects and bees at the moment, here's a bumble for you.

Welcome to my two latest international Google Connect Friends, Dani who blogs here and Amanda who blogs here.


  1. Do you know what I'm impressed most by? Your son stays in the guest room and not HIS room, still full of mouldering mountains of HIS stuff!

  2. you have been so busy! I really like the cupboard, that was a great find, your plants are doing great,

  3. The wardrobe likes nice...Different..!
    If it was me...I'd paint the door and
    draws all a different colours...A very
    big splash of colour....! :).
    Like to know what will you do with the
    Lion and the Witch...While your working
    on said wardrobe...

    One thing l do grow, and that is herbs...
    Love my fresh herbs, use them on everything,
    especially Oregano...Love it!
    Had to chuckle...The word Eau de Cologne..
    Reminds me of mia Mama..It's the only smelly
    she ever used...Always did a Henry Cooper with
    it....."splash it all over". HeHe!
    ME! I stick to 'toilet' water...Nuff said about that..
    Except that it makes me flush....! :>).

  4. I can't wait to see the finished product, I love before and after project pictures x

  5. what a lovely little unit, cant wait to see it after its makeover. I hope your Birch trees do well, I love growing trees. Keep us updated on the trees.

  6. Great cupboard - can't wait to see the end result.

  7. Oh wow, I've never heard of Freegle, but what a brilliant cupboard, I can't wait to see it when it's upcycled :)

    I haven't spent much time gardening this year, but yours looks gorgeous.

    Love the bumble bee :) x

  8. Really good cupboard, Jean. I am making a first attempt at painting a chest of drawers and am going to distress it after so we'll see what happens! Can't wait to see your wardrobe after its makeover.


  9. Jean, you are such a clever clogs. I'm jealous!