Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I Could Have Done With Cary Grant Today

I love having a real Christmas tree and I always want it installed and looking wondrous for my birthday on December 10th. So the mister and I were out last weekend selecting a lovely specimen from a local grower.

So far so good. Out from the loft came the boxes of decs and lights and yes I had the good sense to test the twinkly lights before I put them on the tree. But alas after a few days they went kaput. Crikey, I needed some lights in a hurry, what with having a party at ours the next day. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted but picked up a box of red led lights which I thought might look like lovely little red berries on the tree. How wrong can you be? They were truly terrible. So I bit the bullet and went out the next day again in search of lights and managed to find some pretty replacements.

So for the third time the mister and I dressed the tree. Needless to say needles everywhere. But that was only the start of the demise of the tree. By yesterday our beautiful traditional tree was to all intents and purposes DEAD. This morning I was up at the crack of dawn and off to speak to my friendly Christmas tree purveyor. And God bless him he has given us a new tree. Which we have swiftly erected today and dressed again for the fourth and hopefully last time.

I'm relaxing into Christmas holiday mode again. That must be a cue for some crimble music. Look out for a magical Cary Grant in 'The Bishop's Wife', just a few minutes into this classic Christmas collection. Oh and don't miss Mrs. Clark Gable rubbing snow in her face a little later on.

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  1. Four times! That's enough to make a girl loose it! It was worth it though, looks super!