Saturday, 14 December 2013

Always Shop Around

The finished adorable blue door was in need of an equally adorable Christmas wreath. I thought this year like last year I would make my own. I already had a few nice little trinkets to wire onto a wreath and I bought some dried orange slices and some little golden bells.

Last week I had seen some basic wreaths at Morrisons. A good size, real foliage and with two or three pine cones already attached. Not a bad price at £7.00. I thought they might do. Or alternatively I could make it all from scratch.

But you know how I like to shop around for the best and most stylish deal. I popped along to our local garden centre with a friend on Monday. They had some lovely plain small wreaths in a bluey green pine. Exactly what I was looking for, but at a smidgen under £13.00 way too expensive. Just not good value.

Then on Thursday, BINGO. Lidl came up trumps with a gorgeous wreath fully adorned for under a fiver.

The only thing I have added are the orange slices. So I can save the bells I bought for another project.

The small ornaments are simply glued on and not wired on, I guess that's how they keep the cost to a minimum. But I hope you agree it looks just the Crimble ticket.


  1. It looks lovely - good old Lidl they always come up trumps. I have bought one of their fresh growing christmas trees, only £7.99. Saw similar ones in Waitrose for £28.99 with a few little trinkets and some sacking around them. It will go in a pot outside in January and hopefully will still be around next year.

  2. That sounds smashing Rosemary, really good value too.

    Jean x

  3. I'm going to Lidl - this week!
    Will I be too late?

  4. Looks fab, loving the new look front door too, great job!