Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bonjour Tout Le Monde

I have noticed of late that I'm getting a large number of French visitors to my blog. I don't have any French followers and nobody ever leaves a comment but I know you are there, so welcome and thanks for dropping by.

Today a couple of Christmassy pics to get us in the mood for the run up to the big day.

This little 1960s beauty was rescued from our local tip. I don't go there very often as the mister usually gets delegated any tip top jobs as it were, so it's lucky I did chance upon her. Soaked in rainwater in a flimsy sodden cardboard box. Nearly incarcerated in landfill. She now proudly adorns our tree. She has no underwear so I have to angle her netting to cover her modesty. I think she is super cute.

And this delightful vignette comes courtesy of my friend and fellow blogger, Fi.  Isn't it just the sweetest arrangement?


  1. Just noticed the great photo of Elvis's knitting circle. It brought back memories of my 5 year old arms aching as I performed the same task for my Mum - I'd forgotten all about it!

  2. Oh pretty. She looks a bit Sindy like. Well rescued! xx