Sunday, 15 September 2013

Still They Come - Thankfully

Last night we had them stuffed with tomatoes, herbs and mozzarella, served with roast pork chops (British of course) and Ainsley Harriott's 'World Kitchen' flavoured bulgar wheat. I normally make my own bulgar wheat side dish but these were on a very special offer at Lidl and they are less than 1% fat and no nasty additives or hydrogenated/trans fats. The low fat mozzarella was also from Lidl only 48p per pack, great value.

Today I made some little chocolate cakes which also have 150g of grated courgette and low fat sour cream in them. The recipe called for them to be topped with half a walnut but I used some honey and sesame coated nuts that I bought in bulk from a Turkish market last week.

And tonight? Courgette, tomato and fresh basil pasta bake. I will also be adding (chucking) in any odds and ends that need using up, a few mushrooms and peppers probably. Our peppers are just starting to come in now in the greenhouse and it looks like we will have quite a few.

We have had LOTS of fresh produce from our first year of veg growing and I find it soooooo satisfying. We have eaten well and given heaps away too. One grateful recipient has promised me some eggs from her little group of hens. Magic :)


  1. Three cheers for courgettes - I love them and sneak them into loads of dishes.