Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Post Holiday

Well dear reader how have you been whilst I have been off on my travels? Everything hunky dory? Good, glad to hear it. I see from your blog that you have been enjoying the sun and making busy with your crafty and thrifty ways.
I myself have spent a wee while with some friends at their house in Turkey, oh so very hot. And some time in an Elizabethan hunting tower in Derbyshire, not such great weather but flipping marvellous anyway.

Breakfast corner by the pool, chez Gina in Turkey
These pics are of the master bedroom at the top of the tower, taken of course before we completely cluttered up the space. Next floor down was a roomy living area, below that a gorgeous kitchen dining area and in the basement another very cosy en suite bedroom with twin beds. As you look at the pictures the left hand turret houses the stairwell that reaches all the floors including the roof. One room per floor.

View from the roof .
View from the kitchen door, every home should have cannons don't you think?
I wonder if you all know where this amazing tower is in Derbyshire? Here is a picture of my evening tipple to give you a clue.


  1. Is that joint in derbyshire for rent??? Lovely wall paper....

  2. I think that you have been hobnobbing with the Devonshires again.
    Just been up there myself, may be a few days before you, as we had good weather.

  3. I'd love a Green Gothic bed.
    This must be a Chatsworth holiday let - I'm looking it up now!

  4. Yes Chatsworth again, I can't keep away. First time in the tower though but not the last I hope. Rosemary I saw your recent post about the plague village so I thought we had been up there at the same sort of time. I knew Nilly would know it too. I think the Elvis glass must have been given to the Dowager at some point and she's passed it on to furnish the holiday let, she's very thrifty is our DDofD. Jean xx

  5. What a super place to stay. I have still not been to Chatsworth though I should love to do so. That bed looks marvellous.

    I went to Cornwall and had mist all week...