Sunday, 11 August 2013

Vintage Event

Not too many pictures of the event last week I'm afraid I've rather let the side down, not to mention Nilly who was looking forward to seeing a pictorial account. Sorry Nilly.

It was a delightful, busy and very enjoyable day. Lots of smashing folk to talk to, great feedback about my vintage wares and I managed to sell a few bits and pieces. The setting was perfect, right next to the cricket pitch in Firle village. Plenty of space for the stalls and plenty of space for everyone who came along to chill out and enjoy the day. I can't tell you how nice it was to see folk relaxing, playing with their children and generally having a good time. The mister even played some football, barefoot unfortunately, with a few friends who turned up unexpectedly.

The cricket pitch was directly behind my stall

I have been on a mission recently to declutter the house and to sell off as much of my vintage stock as possible. Things are going quite smoothly on that front and now I have resigned from the day job after eight long years I'm getting nearer to my goal. Slowly slowly catchy monkey.


  1. Hope you did well - and that you kept the Charleston style cotton table cover - is it vintage Laura Ashley?

    1. I thought you'd spot that Nilly :) Yes it is vintage Laura Ashley and yes It's a keeper.

      Jean x