Monday, 12 August 2013

This & That & Bloomin Toothache

The Mister and I decided not to cram so much in this weekend. It felt really good just to potter and take care of lots of odds and ends that needed sorting out. Mountains of housework, the house needing a good blitz and the ironing, where does it all come from? Lots of jobs in the garden, all taken care of too. Just some logs needing chopping and some tidying up in the 'gubbins' area to do next weekend.

All through this heroic work I had toothache.

I don't normally suffer with matters of the molar kind, but boy this has been PERSISTENT. I visited the dentist on July 22nd, with some teeth sensitivity. He x-rayed my teeth and said he couldn't see a problem and advised me to call back if it got worse.

Of course it did. I eventually got an appointment but he still wasn't sure. Perhaps the back tooth was causing pain in the other tooth, maybe I needed root canal work or maybe the large filling needed replacing. He suggested I go and see a specialist. So last Friday the mister and I drove a 3 hour round trip to Tonbridge. The specialist said "the large filling needs replacing". Yippee a diagnosis I thought, the end to all my troubles is nigh. I called my dentist to make an appointment, "sorry nothing till next Friday". To coin a phrase, I couldn't believe it. I'd spent a smidge under £100 just to find out what was wrong and then I was told I couldn't be seen for another week. Misery. But today I called again to see if they had a cancellation and guess what? I have an appointment tomorrow. I have never looked forward so much to a dental visit.

I was so pleased I made some blackout curtains for the main bedroom.

Not that I'm expecting bombers you understand, it's just another job that's been on my list for a while. So now we're all up straight with all the chores done for a wee while, and after tomorrow I should be pain free as well. Marvellous.


  1. Hope everything goes well, and that you are indeed pain free from now on. Dentist cost a fortune these days.

  2. Hope you gave yourself a smashing treat as a reward for being so brave! But maybe not cake.