Saturday, 17 August 2013

Birthday Treats

It was my chum Linda's birthday last Wednesday, and she had a fancy to take a picnic to Polesden Lacey.

The parents of our own dear Queen honeymooned here in 1923, which I thought was very humble and sweet, it would have been enormously private too. We had a smashing lunch sitting 'with' the royals on the lawns and enjoyed the day tremendously.

deck chair featuring the royal couple 1923
I do enjoy a country house to snoop about in to get that feeling of grandeur.

Anyway before we set off in the morning I presented her with her birthday treats. I really love it when you manage to find a real corker of a present for someone special. Consequently I sometimes buy presents way in advance of a birthday or Christmas, the trick then is as we all know remembering where we have squirrelled it away.

Her main present from me was the cutest vintage kitchen calendar, which I found at Milly and Dottie's Emporium. It still has the original shopping list pad and unused pencil and is a perpetual calender so should last forever.

Linda has two adorable cats called Bramble and Hetty, whom I imagine would have looked just like these two when they were kittencubs, as Linda would say.

She also loves Cherries and Marzipan so another winner.

And to complete the package a jolly good read.

She was chuffed to bits and so was I.


  1. Crikey, what jolly good finds for birthday treats, especially the sweets; did you get those in England?

    1. Yes I did, from Lidl and they taste amazing. Individually wrapped too which is great for restricting consumption:)

      Jean x

    2. Thank you, I shall have to find a Lidl. They look elegant too.

  2. What a thoughtful birthday treat, both the visit and the lovely gifts. I have that problem of buying things way in advance and then forgetting that I have done so.
    Imagine those exotic looking Kirsche treats came from Lidl - a great shop - I do not know why some people are so snooty about it, they miss out. I have a wonderful stephanotis from Lidl, covered in blossom, and filling the conservatory with it's wonderful scent - all for £4.

  3. One thing on my shopping list today: