Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Day at the Glynde Forge

The Mister and our boy Jack (really a man now at 24yrs if only I'd admit it) recently spent some male bonding time discovering the charms of our local-ish forge. As luck would have it I'm good friends with the blacksmith's wife, so they were only charged mates rates for this fun day out. Happily it is who you know after all.

They enjoyed a good full day, had lunch, made various useful items and came home very happy men, even though the Mister had a few blisters. Terry the blacksmith even sent me a fantastic hand made poker for our wood burning stove, he's nice like that.

Jack was totally in awe of Terry - "a real man Mum", impervious to the heat of the forge with arm muscles like Samson apparently.

Jack being supervised by Terry aka Samson

They had a truly splendid time, and  it was lovely to hear all the excitement of the day when they got home. Jack's usually up in Manchester where he is studying so it's always nice to have him home for a while, even if it does mean he has another bloomin tattoo every time he visits.

Mind you I quite like this one on the back of his calf.


  1. What a great boys day out ... my two men would love this.

    1. They do offer 'have a go' days at the forge, you can find out more through their website, I've highlighted the link above. The forge itself is an amazing historic place and the blacksmith and his wife are really lovely people.

      Jean x

  2. My 26 yr old & I were discussing his favourite band "Bring Me The Horizon" & I told him I loved their look - Indie but with tatoo-ed arms. Sadly my boy is too much of a wimp to go for this!