Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mysterious Artist

Well it has been ages hasn't it? I don't know where the time goes, well that's not strictly true, it's mostly work and chores if I'm honest. Not that I'm complaining you understand, we all have the daily stuff to get through to get to the good stuff.

This was the scene and the queue that greeted the Mister and I in Eastbourne a couple of weeks ago when we popped along to the Antiques Roadshow with a mysterious treasure. Unfortunately after waiting for over 4 freezing hours I'm none the wiser. Rupert Maas was very debonair and had the lovely lady in front of us fair swooning. But he couldn't help me.

I have had this rather beautiful drawing for over 40 years. The lady in the picture is Cynda Glenn (French star) Folies Bergere, 1955 signed by what looks like G.Harrison.

Now I actually received the picture as a gift from the artist himself who I met one morning on my way to school, when I was in the sixth form and as I thought at the time a budding artist. He had seen some of my artwork sticking up out of my school bag and had asked to take a look at it.
Well he invited me back to his house to look at his extensive collection of work and to see his press cuttings, Margot Fonteyn had recently sat for him. (By the way I didn't go on the day I met him, I did have the sense to check it out with my art teacher and parents).

He had huge amounts of work and  told me lots about himself. Travelling to Paris as a young man etc

But really I didn't pay much attention. He was just an old slightly creepy man, who I thought possibly had more on his mind than pastels and acrylics.

As I left his house he said I could have any painting or picture I wanted to take away as a gift, so I chose Cynda.

But who was he?

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  1. I don't know the artist, I'm afraid, but it has wonderful '40s glamour.